Monday, 28 September 2015


The genre of music, me and Taylor are most interested in exploring is Future Garage/electronic, that's why we've chosen a song by Jamie XX, an electronic garage influenced DJ. Girl creates a very surreal and euphoric atmosphere; experimenting with colour, lighting, dynamics and general creativity will fit the song perfectly, as well as our genre characteristics. 

Conventions of Electronic Music Videos

Camerawork - Lots of mid shots to show the artist performing the music; DJ's make music through electronic instruments i.e the Synthesiser, which involves upper body movement and this instrument is positioned mid torso/ hips so this shot is most complimentary.

Editing - The shots are cut to the beat, and Girl has a fair amount of beats so there will be a lot of different shots to make the video coherent. Around the 3rd into the music video there is some kind of change, and the song changes slightly, so the pace of the cuts will alternate and something new will be added/change.

Setting - Dependent on what the narrative is, or what the lyrics connote. Girl doesn't have many lyrics, but begins with the dialect "Most beautiful girl in Hackney" so according to Goodwin, we should have the setting in Hackney to begin with in order to make the video make sense to the song. Electronic is generally aimed at a 'younger' audience, so urban settings would compliment the genre.

Performance - A mash up of the artist and the actress/actor. There could be a somewhat narrative as electronic music doesn't usually have much lyrics and mayb
e a voice over instead, so the performance could literally be anything upbeat.

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