Wednesday, 23 September 2015

First ideas and concepts for my music video

For my music video this year, I want to represent the stereotypes and ideologies of the younger generation - aged 17-20. The ideas that they're reckless, wild and fun will be my most portrayed factors, since as I have most experience of this demographic, I could easily depict this to the best of my ability.

Narratively, although I haven't picked a song yet, I have an idea of a girl who embodies the portrait of a realistic representation of the typical British urban/rave girl from South London.  For example for costuming ideas so far which I believe best represents a carefree, effortless attitude -

Dr Marten
Ripped fish nets, "careless" 
Moreover, I like the concept of drug-taking and the rave environment as this community is often looked down upon, so I want to show the vulnerability of these girls as they put themselves in very dangerous situations. Create empathy with the audience, which will create quite a buzz for teenage girls on social media like - tumblr, twitter and pinterest. As girls often aspire to be cool, rocky and careless, a perfect example of this will be Effy from Skins (kaya scodelario) as she has a very natural and effortless beauty about her. 
Effy, Skins.

Aesthetically, I want to achieve a VHS effect that I could attain in post-production. With inspiration from the movie Trainspotting, that's 90's set, grainy and gritty feel I think this would be the perfect interxual reference that the audience will easily pick up. Although this movie was released almost 20 years ago, it's still very popular with the urban/grungy teenagers on tumblr etc. What I like about this movie is the closeness of the characters, again the rave scene is a strong community and also the rave / drug setting. 

Toxic relationship / carefree girl
The effect I want to achieve. Muted colours, softness.

Overall, to sum up the ideas I currently have in this early stage is:
  • A careless girl, showing her tough facade but seems very vulnerable.
  • Urban setting, to tie in with her gritty attitude. Perhaps wandering the streets?
  • Music ideas - I want a dreamy, upbeat type of song. 

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