Sunday, 20 September 2015

Our Artist: SPCTRM

The name of our artist is called SPCTRM, abbreviated for "Spectrum" as in a spectrum of colours.
It's a one man band who creates alternative music that doesn't stick to one genre; he's in his own game producing electrionic, garage, indie and R&B music. Being from London, he's heavily influenced by the underground and urban culture London has to offer. The reasoning behind the name SPCTRM is very simple as you can apply a sepctrum to almost everything; let's look at London for example, it has a spectrum of cultures, ethnicities, races and stories behind everybody's life. So the name is like a symbolic representation that anybody can interpret themselves, tailoring it to their own life. My artist has music for all emotions - again, a spectrum of colours / a range of emotions, the connotations and semiotics of these colours depict certain emotions; so blue portrays sadness, green is jealousy, red is love or danger.

Overral, I like the idea of a spectrum that could be apply to anything, almost like a measurment. It's similar to how I see music, there's an immense range or spectrum of genres that fits so many different emotions and that's what influenced me to choose this name.

We want to achieve an 80's feel with this album as our artist is heavily influenced by this era as it was the decade he was born in. I like the first experiences with the technological advances like the computer, game consoles and even things like lava lamps. It seems like the 80's was a time of no light and being immersed into the digital world, to different era's coming together, two ends of the spectrum coming together. But the reasoning for the missing of some letters, I feel it gives a space-age like alternative feel to it; it could be said that our artist's emotions and experiencs are put into the album, which they are and that represents SPCTRM but the missal for the letters proves you don't know everything about this artist, leaving SPCTRM ambigious.

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