Tuesday, 22 September 2015

First song ideas

For the music, I want it to be dreamy and very atmospheric, with not a lot of lyrics. Although, if I want to include lyrics, I want them to relate to the portrait I want to create of this girl - youthful and carefree.

  1. Ben Khan - Savage.

What I like about this song is the technotic beat, the bass guitar that creates the jarring refrain and then the crazy sound effects. I also love the lyrics to this song:

"We’ll feed them acid
But we’re dancing dancing"

"Stabbing stabbing
A hole in the very fabric
Well it’s eternally"
The idea of drugs and dancing instantly reminds me of the rave culture in the movie, Trainspotting. Also the idea of society’s actions are self destructive, people’s violent nature results in the destruction of the entire society/community. 

2. Jamie XX, Girl.

This seems as a strong contender for my final choice, ultimately being called "Girl" it's already perfect for us. It's the perfect mix between barely any lyrics and dream-dance beat. I love the recurring beats as it kinda shows a routine in life i.e. a girl falling for the same type of boy or a girl living in the same area who can't escape it. The only lyrics, firstly starting with "She's the most beautiful girl in Hackney you know" immediately sets the setting idea as Hackney is in London and is slightly run down and urban which is exactly what I wanted to have for the feel of the music video. As well as the other lyrics:  "Give me your love / I want your love" sets the mood of the video, that this girl is idyllic for some (the man at the start) who's chasing for her love. As well as love being very important in teenager's life as it's when they first experience the concept of love in all forms.

I love the atmospheric feel, the tempo and the pauses in the beats. It really makes me think of drug abuse and the effect it would have on the brain - we could even use slow-motion effect to help exaggerate the lasting effect of drug use.

3. Swim Deep, She Changes The Weather. 

The long intro is the favourite of mine, it also has the dreamy tone to it. The soft talking in the background could be implemented into the music video very well as it could act as the people around her. What's also good is the late start of the drums which uplifts the mood a little bit, just before the singing comes in. Even by the use of the pronoun in the title, "she" works in our favour as we want the idea of focusing on a girl. "She changes the weather" proves the impact this girl has on this boy, she's able to change the weather, in other words the mood / emotion of this boy. The lyrics "She makes me trip" the use of the term "trip" has annotations of the effect of drugs, again perfect for our idea.

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