Monday, 21 September 2015

Target Demographic

  • Record Collectors - People that collect vinyls, as our artist is a DJ and therefore uses vinyl to play, the targeted audience will also be interested in this.
  • Festival / Show goers - Ultimately, the target for this demographic is people over 16 who enjoy having a good time and like creating fun memories. People of similar genre like Jamie XX, M83 and SBTRKT all perform live and the fans would want that from us.
  • People that use drugs / alcohol - this demographic is derived from the last point, not addicts, just people that use these during festivals and gigs.
  • Social Media users - It's inevitable that everyone between 16-28 use some form of social media, be it instagram to pinterest. That's why we're targeting people who like to use these social media platforms. One, as it'll work in our favour with marketing and promotion as with Twitter you can retweet, repost etc. and also get an immediate response from out fans. Hashtags that could lead us to trend world-wide will influence more people to listen to us as we will be exposed to a larger group of people.
The age range is specific as, from experience from attending festivals and seeing people around me, it's mostly between this range. As teenagers are very loyal when they're around 16+ with their music, consistently buying their music and merch, to travelling the country just to see them. As well, the references in the lyrics such as "love" is a mature topic where people under 16 won't be able to grasp fully. We won't be targeting a specific audience as we feel, in 2015, this is almost pointless especially with the ages we're targeting. People from 16 are far more open minded and aren't restricted to only liking music targeted to their gender, for One Direction for example. Finally with the location, we'll mostly be targeting people from not-so-great areas, like Hackney, places of South London and overall urban areas, not just in London.

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