Thursday, 10 September 2015

Independent v Mainstream record label

With an indie record label - they tend to solely rely on marketing to help them promote their artists. With unique ways they are able to earn more money. Dirty Hit is an example of an independent record label housing The 1975 and Wolf Alice. To promote The 1975's new album I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It they took so many different approaches in the campaign of this album. For example, when releasing the tracklisting of their new album, they didn't do it in one go. In fact, they took the time to create neon lights and place them around the world and take photos to announce them. This is not necessary to an album release, but it shows they take pride in their art and take the time to take advantage of it:

Although this band is very typical and mainstream pop, they take new and inventive ways of their artistry. This is what indie labels tend to do with their roster. They need to create a buzz. However, most labels put out deluxe/standard editions of their albums. Dirty Hit released this album in cassette, standard, deluxe, iTunes exclusive tracks, Amazon exclusive vinyl, Premium boxset that includes unreleased photos of the band, exclusive vinyl within it too. 

With a mainstream label, they have enough money to just place adverts on TV and billboards, also most major labels are owned by big conglomerates like Warner Brothers or Universal so they can implement their artist's music on their tv shows or movies even. 

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