Friday, 11 September 2015

Adorno & Horkeimer

Adorno and Horkheimer are two men that come up with a theory about the popular culture industry. They said that popular artists are almost apart of a production line - or a formula - that proves that some artists can be easily put together to gain popularity.

A prime example of this assembly line is:

One Direction
One Direction are easily proven to be the most formulaic boyband as they're made up of five, fairly attractive boys who portray five different types of boys in order to cater to each young girl's taste. With little talent and all songs and production done exactly for them, they're just a face and personality to be sold as merchandise. Their record label know for sure they're talentless but the music industry is probably the most invested industry of them all; so by making them stand in front of cameras for their music videos or mime live for their fans, their label want to earn the most money possible. To practically rinse them until the girls grow up.

A person that doesn't follow the psuedo-individuality set by Adorno and Horkheimer is Jamie XX:

Jamie XX
He doesn't rely on his looks to obtain success, in fact, he has his talent to do so. He wasn't produced synthetically like One Direction were, he was discovered solely on his talent. None of his merchandise include any appearance of him, only his album cover. Instantly proving the music is more important to him than what he looks like: 

Jamie XX merchandise

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