Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Production Log: For First Test Shot

We will be practising our first test shot during our lesson time as we're working around the fact Taylor, my partner is going abroad.

The concept we're wanting to achieve is a very dark image that's illuminated by one light - either using colours like a deep red, green or blue as with the study of semiotics, they all represent certain emotions. Red portraying love or anger. Green is envy and blue has a poignant coldness about it. With post-production of these images, we want to add a grainy effect to have that 80's disposable camera feel to it.

For our lesson tomorrow:

8th October, 2015
1:55 - Finish lunch
2:05 - Hire out camera equipment: DSLR, SD Card, Tripod and lighting equipment and ensure it's all working, battery is full and SD card has sufficient amount of free space.
2:15 - Find a room that is free and we're able to shoot in - preferably a dark room in Drama; as they include performance lights which is something we're interested in playing around with. 
2:35 - Review pictures taken so far, see if we should adjust: the lighting, positioning or camera settings. 
2:45 - Begin to pack up and take the equipment back to media and start to upload the images to our users on the iMacs. 

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