Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Ideas For Our Digipak

A digipak is an inventive and creative way to ensure an albums success, so planning of  the design needs to be thorough and well thought out.

For our digipak I want the house style to be all black which is slightly ironic as our album is about vivid colours that represent key memories. However, we are planning to use a girl on our front cover and not include the artist himself. Firstly because the artist's appearance isn't one of our selling points, we are initially focusing on SPCTRM's music. Secondly, I love the idea of a teenage girl because I like the "innocent" look.

For the front cover, we are going to have the girl face her back towards the camera with a projector shining an image of a rainbow onto the girl's hand. So the rainbow against the hand will stand out against the black background, it adds an ambiguity to the artist and puts the main focus on the rainbow. The darkness in of the room will also add an intimate vibe to the album art and having a rainbow exposed on the girl's hand is like she's allowing you to enter her life. An album in some cases represents the artist's life. Lastly, having her back to the camera with her head slightly facing the camera implies a sort of vulnerability and innocence to the girl which again, an album is very personal. We are allowing the audience to be exposed to our emotions, vulnerability and personal experiences.

On the left and right panels, I want to have the girl's face make the first appearance. From the left panel, I want a right perspective of her face and the alternative side on the right panel. The reason behind this idea is because once you've bought the album, open it up, you're again exposed fully to this girl from all perspectives. The CD will be in the middle, representing a front-facing perspective of her, the main one, the music. A 360 degree perspective of this girl.

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