Thursday, 8 October 2015

First Test Shoot

For our first test shoot, mentioned in the blog post previously, we wanted to find a room that's very dark where we can play with the lighting. Below is the setting where we shot our first shoot. The projector on the floor is an idea we came up with where we can project a rainbow onto the wall - a rainbow is something we want to have as one of our recognisable themes. 

Below are other images we decided we liked from this shoot. 

This is the reflection of the rainbow on the hand we wanted to achieve. It didn't work out to be really successful as the rainbow didn't appear very clearly and there are marks and chippings in the wall which proves to be distracting. 

I like this image because the background is purely dark and there are no hints of a wall or any other distracting objects. Although I wouldn't use this as part of my digipak because she looks slightly awkward. However, I could use this as a tour poster or of some sort due to the amount of space around her.
This is a really nice image as you can't really see her facial expression, adding that curiosity to this image. The silhouette is really nice and I like the bokeh circle at the bottom.

This is the favourite shot of mine from this shoot as you can't see her face which adds an ambiguity to the mood of this photo. I'm debating whether I like the lights being apparent in this image, later on I might edit it so all you can see is her head.

What I found successful from this shoot is that, I think the foundations of our ideas for the digipak is structured; but we just need to spend more time on perfecting the image we want to convey. Especially with the rainbow image. I like the silhouettes in the images which is something I'd like to keep as a factor to our final image.

What I didn't find successful was the rainbow image as we used a CD to reflect the rainbow onto the wall, the overhead projector proved to be too much of a hassle as it kept overheating and glitching. What we will do next is find another light source and find another way of projecting the rainbow onto something. 

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