Thursday, 22 October 2015

80's album art influence

Since i'm wanting to achieve an 80's feel to the album cover, I started to research album covers that were released during that decade. What I learned is that they use funky typography and cool visuals - this is exactly what I want.

For example, the images below use centre aligned images with very bright typography. The typography seems to be the most dominating factor on these two album covers as they're unique styles and also catch the eye immediately. This is what I will take influence from as the eye-catching colours could act in my favour as it'll draw people to my album as well as representing the bright emotions of my music.

More over, I really like the visuals that were produced during the 1980's. They're very quirky and really represent the start of the digital era. They also use bright rainbow colours against black backgrounds, the two juxtapositions work completely well together. Now I will take ideas from that. 

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