Thursday, 14 January 2016

Features of Iconography/intertextuality : M83 - Steve McQueen

M83 - Steve MCqueen 

M83 uses a lot children in their music video as they mostly portray the life of a child, as well their imagination in their music video. It's easily suited for the ideas of our music video as we want to represent youth also.

Lyrics -

"To run and yell all the way" 
"My sensations reach the limit"
"Living for, living for a thrill..."

Music Video - 

Extreme close up

We want to take influence from M83's music video for "Steve McQueen" as it includes things such as props that were iconic in the 1980's; such as the cassette tape, recording amplifer and volt machine. 

So in our music video, we will be planning to take extreme close-ups of our actor's eyes as well as other iconic 80's props. 

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