Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Location scouting

Soho - 

Having previous knowledge of the liveliness and creativity that surrounds Soho in Central London, I would like to look around this area to search for places to shoot.  Its nightlight is filled with neon colours and people having fun - exactly what I desire for my music video.

Arcade -

I like the idea of arcades and the amusement that surrounds the setting. It captures youthfulness and reminds me of childhood fun. It also includes a lot of lights which I want to keep as a recurring theme within my music video.

This is an arcade near Waterloo Station - Namco Arcade.
Streets of London -
 Because of how diverse and multi-cultured London really is, I believe you could film anywhere. Southbank skate park includes a lot of graffitti which would look really nice in a music video, as well as people on their skateboards. Representing youth.

Southbank Skate Park

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