Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Features of Iconography/intertextuality : The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

Young Blood is a song by indie-pop band The Naked And Famous, it's a song that certainly soundtracks the younger generation. Its music video does really well in representing youth / the younger generation and this is what we want to take influence from. 

Lyrics - 

Firstly analysing the lyrics - 

"We're only young and naive still"
"Fall back in love eventually"
"You keep my secrets hope to die"

This all represents youth, words like "young" and "naive" are easy collocations when thinking of the word youth. Falling in love, for the first time, is such a teenage dream. 

Music Video - 

Use of vivid colours.
Headshot of a girl having fun.
Long shot of boy skateboarding. 
Intimate headshot of girl lying on the floor.
Wideshot, including beautiful background.
The music video to "Young Blood" is a montage of clips that contain very nice cinematography, with beautiful lighting and vivid colours which is something we really want to replicate. 

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