Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Further Intertextuality -

Here's some screenshots of our attempt of intertextuality within our music video. What intertextuality is, is when a medium refers to something significant and that people would recognise. In this case, we  relied heavy on the shared knowledge in which we know our audience would like. From my audience questionnaire, I saw that the majority was of teenagers. Therefore, also being a teenager, I would use iconic iconography that I also know would be big in the 80s. 

VHS camera - going back to old school, the effect is very cool and is currently making its way back into popular culture. Since I filmed this on my iPhone using an app that you can download straight from the app store proves its resurrecting popularity.

Coming from our influence of Kanye West's All Of The Lights video in the above two images.

The above two images are of vinyl / tape players, these two formats are currently massive in the music industry. The old school take on playing music is coming back, therefore we adopted this within our music video. 

Copying foreign films, we imitated the subtitles that would normally appear on screen. As well, it enables us to reinforce our narrative.

The above two images are from two different famous cartoons, so we're capturing popular culture within our music video. 

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