Friday, 11 March 2016

Explanation of camera shots -

Close ups - 
The purpose of the uses of our close ups is to help portray the intimacy within a relationship. The close up of the eyes and lips gives it a very romantic feel to the music video. As well as the touching of the hands, as they touch. 

Pan up - 

The use of the pan-up in this scene is to show her lying down in a skate park, emphasising her youth. 

POV shot - 
Using POV reinforces the idea of intimacy we wanted to achieve. From being in the diner to being in the skate park, these are all times the boy is looking at the girl. 

Over the shoulder - 
We used over the shoulder camera angles to help hide the face of the boy, it creates a mysterious mood to the music video as you want to see his face; but constantly, the camera is hidden behind him.

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