Friday, 18 December 2015

Poster Ideas

For my album poster, I want it to captivate the tone of my album almost instantly. Here's some album posters that I like the look of:

The XX's album poster, which is a similar genre to my artist, has the juxtaposition of colours which is something I want to imitate for my album poster. The artist's name is in big font which dominates the entire poster, as well with the album's name. The blue is very eye-catching in contrast to the black and white aspects of the poster which is almost exactly what I want to do with my poster - comparisons of colours. The release date, which is the main purpose of this album poster, is in the middle of the poster.

It also includes ratings from popular music magazines, NME and Q magazine, which its five star ratings boasting on either side of the poster. Featuring other links such as myspace, facebook as well as their own website will enable people to interact them more on all these different types of social media. It's also intelligently done as it promotes their platform where they can promote even more.

Here's posters that are of a different genre:

Rihanna's poster uses all dark colours but the only splash of colour is the ones promoting her singles. Whereas Kanye's is very simplistic and doesn't even contain his name; this gives it a mysterious feel as you will want to know who this is.

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