Wednesday, 9 December 2015

10 Situations That Could Ruin My Music Video

These are the ten, potential situations, that could ruin my music video.
 1. Weather - The weather could be a potential danger as it's difficult to predict what the weather could turn out like. What I could do: Keep a constant eye on MetOffice's website to get a rough idea of what to expect with the weather. If it turns out to be something that I cannot work in, like a down pour, I will reschedule.
2. Camera battery  - In this day and age, we aren't quite there yet with having an endless amount of lifetime with our technology. So to prevent the annoyance of a dead battery, I will bring two batteries with me to maximize my time with filming; I will also ensure both batteries will be on charge the day before shooting.
3. SD card runs out - similar to the battery situation, I will bring a spare SD card with me so I don't need to worry about running out of storage. Also before shooting, I will double check what's on the SD card and see if there's any footage that I can delete to free pace.
4. Performer cannot make it -  One problem of relying on somebody to be in your music video is the danger of them not being available on the day of shooting. So to make sure I am able to get the most out of my actor's free time, I will make a Google calendar where they will be able to see days I will want them to shoot. I will also prioritise communication with my actor as if days they can't make it, I will need to reschedule. 
 5. Broken Equipment = Broken equipment is a risk, especially when borrowing from school, so what I will need to do is to double check if the equipment is fully working. Such as the tripod can stand up straight and all its legs can be pulled out.
6. Plan is not accessible - I understand not everything goes to plan when shooting a music video; there are situations that just aren't possible, such as filming in certain shops or arcades that I will want to do with my filming. So ahead of disappointment, I will email / phone the places I want to go to to see if they're happy with me shooing.
7. Erasing of footage  - Technical faults are always a possibility and it will completely throw me off task if it happens. To avoid this happening, especially in the post-production stage, I will continuously save my work so there's no chance of it being deleted. I will also back up any footage immediately from SD card to a computer, as well as my memory stick; so I know for certain, I have at least one safe copy of all ootage.  
8. Lip sync mess up - Lip syncing can be seen as a challenge for some people, luckily with a digital camera I am able to retake as many shots as my heart's content. If my performer's performance isn't up to my standards, there's no problem as we can just simply reshoot it.

9. Time management - Deadlines are always approaching when doing coursework and I will always need to meet them to ensure I get the best grade as possible. To avoid disorganisation and poor time management, I will keep a Google calendar so I know what my week looks like and what I need to complete.

10. Conflicting ideas - Working part of a team can be beneficial as work can be done more efficiently but there's a chance of ideas not matching. To avoid the conflict, I will run things through with my partner first to see if she likes the idea too (vise versa) and if not, we will work around it to see if we can edit it to compliment both of our ideas.

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