Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Second Test Shoot

After doing our first test shoot, I realised the photos we obtained weren't really living up to my standards; they didn't portray the ideas that I want to reach for and plus, it's always advised to do more than one shoot.

With the second photo shoot, I will be doing something completely different as new ideas have sprung into mind. However, I will be keeping some aspects of my last ideas from the previous photoshoot. I will be keeping the dark lighting and atmosphere the images will create - but using very dark, mostly completely black, to emphasise the semiotics of dark colours. The symbols being ambiguity, curiosity, isolation and also vulnerability. I believe these are all things teenagers experience, so my target demographic will be able to relate to it. Secondly, I will be using a new type of light source - using a projector to project an image onto a black wall and have somebody stand in front of it. I like this idea as it could kind of exemplify the images that are literally projected onto teenagers, images of perfection and idealisation. Again, my target demographic may be able to emphasise with this situation as teenagers are mostly the victims of living up to standards set by the likes of parents, school, friends and social media. Though, I will deliberately hide the person's face as then the body could be a vice for anybody to embody; as well, it strengthens to concept of ambiguity as you don't know who's there, what the person looks like or their emotions. 

I will use some close-up shots to provide the intimacy of the character but also long-shots to also signify how we don't know the person in the photo. 

With the person I will be using, ideally a girl, there are a few requirements I will want from the model: 
• Mise-En-Scene - with the costuming of the model, I want it to be really depict the vulnerability of the girl and really show her youth. Perhaps an unbuttoned shirt for intimacy as previously said, an album is an exposure to a personal life - intimacy is a stage of relationship where two people combine. 
•Performance - along along with the vulnerability, I want the girl to hide her face and perhaps hold herself, like she's comforting herself. As well, I will want her to shake her hair, so the images are slightly blurred - this could show an enraged mood of some sort, almost like teen angst. 

Equipment needed for this shoot:
•SD card
•Dark room

These are some images that were successful:

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