Monday, 11 April 2016

Evaluation: Part Three

 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?


Both my music video and ancillary texts intertwine so well due to the fact that I kept it stylistically very similar. Using my key themes of vivid colours juxtaposed to black / dark backgrounds (see below) is a main house style I kept with my digipak and poster.

I keep ambiguity a consistent theme in both of my products as adds an enigma to the entirety of the product. With the digipak, I chose to take a 360 degree perspective of the girl I chose to have on my album artwork - the left and right sides of her face, hidden under low key lighting and then her face as the CD; representing the fact the face holds a story with everybody, it's your identity and very personal to you...Exactly what an album is like for an artist - that's why I chose that for the CD cover. However with the music video, the way I kept the enigma is with keeping the male character ambiguous (see below). I also kept the personal / intimacy by using close ups of the actress that appears on my album artwork: 

I also used both of the same effects in both my media products. The noise tool enabled me to reach that vintage / 80's feel as it looks like the poor quality of VHS cameras.  Using bright and unique typography in both my media products also reinforces my consistency with how both of them combine; I took inspiration from this after researching album artwork from the 80's such as Wham and Michael Jackson. 

Ultimately, I believe both of my products weave very closely with each other as I made it a priority to stay consistent as an artist. If I could do it again, I would rather keeping the appearance of the girl's identity a bit later in the music video.

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